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A Complete Accounting Software

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Open Source Accounting System

JISPE is a open source alternative of JIS. It has fully functioned accounting features. It has been configured for personal use only. Also it comes with GNU General Public Licence, so that you can use it and distribute it as much as you can. JISPE handles the accounting on the basis of two way entries. The interface is fully keyboard based and responsive.

Currently JISPE is available for Windows based platforms beacuse of ODBC connectivity with Microsoft Access Database. Sooner other OS variants will be released.

Winodws Vista and Windows 7 users: Right Click on the JISPE Icon and click on "Run As Administrator" to run this program.

If you do not have the JRE 1.6 installed on your computer then click here to get it. Download the appropriate file as per your operating system.
Here is the download page: Download JISPE Binaries

Hardware Requirement: Runs on almost every computer
Software Requirement: It requires JRE 1.6

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